Presentation information

The conference features oral and poster presentations.

As it is a virtual conference, presenters can join live or send a pre-recorded video and do the Q&A live. All authors of accepted abstracts received the technical guidelines via e-mail. If you submitted an abstract and have any questions, please contact the secretariat via

Presentation design 

The Organising Committee would like the oral presenters to use a customised PowerPoint template. You can find the file here.
For presenters joining live and those asking questions live, the Organising Committee has made a customised Zoom/Teams background that you can upload to Zoom on the day of the event. If you are recording your presentation on Zoom or another platform, please also upload this background before recording your presentation. You can find the file here

The abstract submission form opened on August 24, 2020 and closed on January 15, 2021.
Below you can find the main topics and information on the structure of the abstracts.

Main topics

- degree education and complementary education for nursing management
- nursing management competences
- self-management
- workplace culture
- clinical nurse specialists/advanced practice nurses
- evidence-based nursing
- client and nursing sensitive outcomes
- implementation of knowledge
- technology in nursing and healthcare
- integrated care
- financial and legal issues in nursing management
- ethical and cultural issues in nursing management
- attractive nursing and healthcare
- human-centered healthcare
- leadership in a crisis


The main building of the University of Tartu

Structure for the abstract (300 words)

  • Background
  • Aim
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Key words




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